With nearly 45 years of public service, Judie has always been committed to her family, community, state, and country.

Twenty-three years in public education has helped Judie understand the ways that Utah can improve and prepare our students for individual success.

Education Should be Student Focused

Children are our future – and it is our responsibility to prepare them for that future with an educational system that inspires them to grow to become ethical, innovative and thoughtful leaders.

  • Improve K-12 student experience

Allocating Federal and State funding directly to the class room will reduce administrative costs. Administrative costs are a drain on our education dollars. Judie will find ways to ensure that more money ends up in the classroom where it belongs.

  • Expand individualized curriculum for better student outcomes.

A one-size-fits-all curriculum does not work for most students. School choice and individualized curricula are crucial to the success of our students.

  • Retain talented teachers with merit-based pay.

Utah is constantly growing. To remain competitive, beginning teachers should make a living wage. Experienced teachers must have avenues to prove and increase their worth.

  • Provide job-based skills training for Utah students planning to enter the job market immediately after high school graduation.

College is not a viable route for all. When measuring student success, this also means success in the job market for this subset of students.

Seniors have sacrificed to give us the vibrant and beautiful state we have today. It is our responsibility to offer the opportunity to remain in Utah without undue financial burdens.

34% of senior households in Utah earn less than $30,000 annually.

We need to develop programs to encourage Utah seniors to remain in our state near their families, rather than forcing them to make the financial decision to move to surrounding states with more favorable tax incentives.

  • Minimize property and state income tax burden for seniors on fixed incomes.

  • Safeguard Medicare to ensure seniors continue receiving quality health care.

  • Protect Social Security to ensure Utah seniors have full access to their benefits tax free.



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